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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our New Wedding Books!!

We are so stoked with our new books. We received our studio samples yesterday, they are so sweet and our clients are going to absolutely love them. They are hand made from Italy. The quality and the options available will help us serve all our clients needs. Cover options from Leather to Metal. The images really pop off the thick hand made and bound pages. These books will be great for weddings or any special event you might have.

This book is 13x10 with a metal cover.
The metal cover and leather back feels and looks awesome!
I really like the landscape format, there is square and portrait available.
The books are hand made in Italy, they are a true work of art!

This book is 12x8 and would make great parent books. 

The dust jacket and hand made page!
The look and feel of the linen paper really ads to the elegance of the book.


Christy said...

Looks good. WOW who is that couple?
I hope you guys had a good time in Hawaii.