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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A New Year

I am not a big fan of resolutions. Probably because I haven't followed through with one. To much pressure and always having to think about it takes away from other things. This year though I am going to work on a couple different things. First is get in shape, mainly because in May...Angie and I are going to Hawaii for eight days. So for the last four days I have been trying to eat healthy with lots of fruits, vegetables and lower carbs and no soda lots of water. The no soda is hard, I love Cherry Coke. Any tips or recipes for eating healthy leave a comment and let me know. Wish me luck.

My breakfast while working.


Delane said...

Sweet potatoes and yams are great sources for complex carbs. Also, try a protein shake for breakfast. Throw some fruit in there and you'll love it.

I use the Isopure Whey protein (google it).

Anonymous said...

ew! what's with the moldy food on the plate?? potatoes? apples?? yams??

juli & dannielle

Anonymous said...

yo diggy dog i am awesome and u aren't